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2017 // Design

Hand and Foot

Hand and Foot, a version of Canasta, is a card game in which players must play through two piles of 11 cards (their hand and foot) by making ends to get the highest number of points over the course of three rounds. While Canasta is a game I enjoyed growing up, I learned to play Hand & Foot in college and have enjoyed playing it with family and friends since. Although the game can be played with four decks of standard Bicycle playing cards, I decided to design a custom set of cards for the game.

After lots of sketching and refining the custom card fronts and backs, I decided to build out the cards as part of a game set and launch a Kickstarter campaign to produce the game to see if I could try and get it into the hands of people who love to play. The game set included a custom notepad, rigid game box, and stickers as well as instructions for game play and a mini, erasable pencil.

To promote the game and campaign, Ludvik Herrera of Nupolitan took a few photos and edited videos further explaining the points system and rules for gameplay to incorporate into the Kickstarter campaign and ads. The instructional videos can be viewed on Behance: [ View Videos ]

Although the campaign’s funding was unsuccessful, I had a blast creating the card designs and get a little joy each time I play the game with friends using my custom cards.